What is the Artifex Guild?

The Artifex Guild is a multi-function space operated out of an early 20th century bungalow-style house in Bloomington, Indiana. It is currently run as a private membership organization curated & headed by Auris Apothecary.

Our mission is to provide an intimate environment to experience unique sensory events. Our main focus is on all forms of experimental music, screenings of obscure film & video works, art exhibits, and other various forms of underground expression.

In addition to hosting our own events, it is available to rent for art galleries, concerts, film screenings, open houses, private gatherings & more. To apply, head over to the BOOKING page.

Where is the Artifex Guild located?

The Artifex Guild is located at 1017 South Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN, 47401 - right next door to Russian Recording and In Case of Emergency Press.

How is the Artifex Guild physically set up?

The Artifex Guild is located inside an early 20th century bungalow style house. The building floorplan is displayed below:

What is the sound system situation at the Artifex Guild?

The Artifex Guild PA system is a meager but high-clarity rig setup in true stereo. While it lacks wattage, the size and resonance of the performance space does not necessitate such volume, and the stereo separation allows for an immersive experience in the right hands.

- 8 input channels, with 4 featuring phantom power
- 150-watt studio power amp
- 2x 1000 watt speakers, each with a 15" woofer & 3" horn
- 4x microphone stands with booms
- 2x Shure SM57 + 2x vocal mics + 1x Kick Drum mic

- CD Player
- Dual cassette tape deck
- 1/8" stereo auxiliary hookup

Notice: The PA system can be arranged and moved according to the needs of the event. Any and all special requirements such as DI boxes, subs, monitors, outboard equipment, and anything else not listed above should be provided by the promoter or artist in need.

How do I book the Artifex Guild for my event?

In order to book the Artifex Guild for your event, please visit the BOOKING page. On it, you will find an application form which must be filled out completely then submitted to us for review. After our review process, we will contact interested parties with either a confirmation or denial of availability.

How much does it cost to rent the Artifex Guild?

The space is available to rent by the block in 6, 12, 24, & 48 hour increments with the following pricing scheme:

$20 - Nonrefundable deposit to confirm date
$30 - 6 Hour Block


$20 - Nonrefundable deposit to confirm date
$50 - 12 Hour Block


$20 - Nonrefundable deposit to confirm date
$70 - 24 Hour Block


$20 - Nonrefundable deposit to confirm date
$100 - 48 Hour Block

What amenities are available to rent/included?

Included - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game
Included - PA system + person running it
$10 - Video projector : play any DVD or VHS or USB drive you bring

Will you host my event and/or book my band?

No. Most of the events at the Artifex Guild are booked by the individual members, each with their own curatorial tastes & preferences, but as a space we DO NOT book individuals, bands, or artists, nor do we host shows for unassociated clients. If you wish to perform or display here, you must contact one of the members, host the event yourself by applying on our BOOKING page, or find someone willing to do so.

What does membership at the Artifex Guild include?

Membership at the Artifex Guild includes the ability to book events and hold private gatherings, as well as granting free access to any event which occurs here. It also includes an exclusive members-only T-shirt and card.

How can I apply to be a member of the Artifex Guild?

You can't. Or perhaps you can...? Email us at to discuss it further.